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The Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™ works on your behalf to advance the understanding, credibility and provability of knowledge and skills that assist you to be employed, stay employed or to advance your employment.

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In this rapidly evolving world, new technologies and new skills are in constant development; a standard for understanding needed to be established and an organization needed to be created that was independent of the businesses that created and sold the courses and programs.  The Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™ is fast becoming the industry acknowledged trusted independent organization, a verifier of knowledge, skills and understanding. 

Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™ working in conjunction with industry experts, researchers and educational providers have established a process to measure students’ level of understanding through our comprehensive examination process. 

ERI is designed to examine the progression of current curriculum & courseware to ensure it meets a global standard. We then provide an independent certificate examination that generates an unbiased barometer of your skills and understanding. 

The Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™ international team of advisors ensures we stay at the forefront of innovation and development to offer the most cutting edge & comprehensive designation exams available for provability of employment / job readiness. 

Upon successfully passing an exam, graduates will receive a Certificate of Provability™ or a Professional Designation in their chosen area.

Approved Education Providers

Required knowledge to pass

Any course you have taken from our Approved Education Providers (A.E.P.) will provide the necessary information for you to successfully pass the exam for your subject area. To earn an A.E.P. designation a provider must meet or exceed a series of rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by The Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™. Only Organizations who’s training and curriculum have been approved in one or more areas are eligible to become an Approved Education Provider.


Certificate of Provability™ or a Professional Credential are earned and are awarded by an academic institution or professional organization to authenticate one’s qualifications and competence based on successful completion of a set forth criteria by an education provider. They attest to a trusted measure of credibility to the public. Once earned, the letters of designation will be placed after one’s name and will be regarded as qualified and recognized as legitimate.

An Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™ credentialing exam ensures the highest level of understanding for our students and is available to those who successfully pass an approved course or program. Your courseware provider will equip you with all information relating to taking an Employment Ready Institute (ERI)™ Certificate of Provability™ or Professional Designation Exam.

Upon completion with a passing grade, you will obtain a certification and join like minded individuals as they lead business & industry to the forefront of value.

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